Reasons to have LASIK Done in the Winter

Winter Storm Stella is set to bring historic snow to the Northeast. With some places in the tri-state area getting 12 inches or more of snow, homeowners can expect that there will be several household chores that they have to do. But wouldn’t the winter wonderland be better if you could see it clearly? Yes!… Continue Reading →

Perfect Spring Activities to Do Without Glasses


Spring has sprung! Sunny days, cool breezes, and flowers blooming are some of the pleasures this season brings. Why not enjoy these delights with 20/20 vision? Here’s a list of perfect spring activities to do without glasses: The Garden State New Jersey is known as the Garden State for a reason. This spring, enjoy a… Continue Reading →

The History of Laser Vision Correction

Laser vision correction is continuing to change how people see the world, with innovations such as the SMILE procedure and Raindrop Inlay dramatically reducing procedure lengths to improve vision. As new developments occur that improve the field, it is important to look back and understand the history of laser vision correction. The Birth of the… Continue Reading →

LASIK is the Best Gift for Valentine’s Day

Girl Removing Glasses from Guy Image 2

Roses and chocolates are gifts associated with Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has evolved from its original celebration of Saint Valentine and the beginning of spring, to the modern tradition of honoring romance and love. But why be limited to displaying your affection for someone with a traditional gift? Why not be creative by giving your… Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Doctor Richard Norden

Dr Richard Norden Was Recently Named 2016 Doctor's Choice Award Winner in Ophthalmology

Richard Norden, M.D., of Norden Laser Eye Associates was recently named the 2016 Doctor’s Choice Award national and local winner in Ophthalmology. He answers several questions about the process, award, and 2017 plans for his practice: Interviewer: Congratulations on being named the 2016 Doctor’s Choice Award winner! How did you become eligible for this award?… Continue Reading →

What You Should Research Before Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon

Getting LASIK is an important decision. Your eyesight is precious and you need to be completely comfortable with whomever performs LASIK on you. You’ve talked to your friends and they’ve given you some recommendations, but what now?  If you’re interested in getting LASIK performed, here is what you should research before choosing your LASIK surgeon:… Continue Reading →

Time to Ditch the Glasses

There have been so many advances in technology that make our life better–microwaves, the Internet, cell phones, just to name a few. Technology has also had a tremendous impact on correcting vision and LASIK is at the forefront of this technology. There are many benefits to LASIK and Norden Laser Eye Associates offers a few… Continue Reading →

Fall Activities That Improve With 20/20 Vision

Having 20/20 vision is considered the gold standard. If you’re a recent recipient of laser vision correction at Norden Laser Eye Associates, you’ve already seen a marked improvement in your vision. If you’re considering laser vision correction, the time to act is now in order to enjoy these fall activities with 20/20 vision. After having… Continue Reading →

LASIK Mythbusters!

Dr. Richard Norden Standing

LASIK has been performed extremely successfully since 1995–however, many people are still nervous about having it done. Norden Laser Eye Associates is here to dispel some of the common myths. Contact lenses are safer than LASIK. FALSE–First reported in 2006 and confirmed many times, wearing contact lenses long term has been found to have a higher risk… Continue Reading →