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Can I get LASIK surgery?

Requirements and Candidacy for Surgery

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for the LASIK eye surgery procedure. To determine whether or not LASIK surgery is a good choice for you and whether you will qualify for the procedure, you will first need to make sure that you meet some guidelines that have been set forth. When it comes to qualifications for LASIK surgery, there are both physical and non-physical guidelines that must be considered and met.

Non-Physical Guidelines for LASIK Eye Surgery

  • You do not actively participate in contact sports such as wrestling, martial arts or boxing.
  •  You must have realistic expectations of what you expect from the procedure
  •  You must ensure that your employer or job does not prevent you from getting a refractive procedure 
 such as LASIK

Physical Guidelines for LASIK Eye Surgery

  • You must be 18 years of age or older. LASIK cannot be performed on children.
  • You must not have had any eye injuries or eye infections for the past 12 months or longer. • Your vision has not changed in the past 12 months or longer, showing your vision is stable.
  • You must not suffer from any autoimmune disorders
  • You may not be taking medications that can cause complications to healing after surgery such as 
 immunosuppressants or steroids.
  • You cannot be pregnant or nursing. If there is a possibility of you becoming pregnant shortly before or 
 after receiving surgery, this should be made clear to the doctor.
  • Your eyes must meet certain physical guidelines such as appropriate thickness of the corneas, 
 adequately sized pupils, and corneas that are free from abnormalities or scarring.
  • Your must not have excessive refractive errors to your eyes.

If after reading over these guidelines, you find that you are able to meet all of them, you may very well be a good candidate for the LASIK eye surgery procedure. If you do not meet all of these guidelines you may have to discuss alternative options with your New Jersey LASIK surgeon, to find out if there are any other methods of eye surgery available that will work for you.