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Custom LASIK™

Custom LASIK™ was trademarked by Richard A. Norden, M.D., F.A.C.S. and is offered to all of his patients. We provide each patient with thoroughly individualized treatment, ensuring the best possible laser vision correction available. Custom LASIK™ surgery utilizes sophisticated outcome analysis software to obtain the most precise results. Dr. Norden also incorporates lifestyle considerations in customizing each New Jersey Custom LASIK™ patient’s vision correction, especially in the case of blended vision, which eliminates the need for reading glasses.

How does Custom LASIK™ differ from LASIK?

The Custom LASIK™ procedure is performed exactly like conventional LASIK. The difference is in the pre-operation testing and planning.

Contact Norden Laser Eye in Bergen County, NJ to discuss your options for Custom LASIK™.