At Norden Laser Eye in Ridgewood, NJ, we provide laser vision correction using the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment available. The VisuMax laser that’s used to perform SMILE is an example of this. Thanks to the VisuMax laser, Norden Laser Eye Associates will be the first in New Jersey to offer SMILE to their patients.

Dr. Richard Norden has performed laser vision correction for thousands of satisfied patients who now live without the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, we are not a vision correction factory. Dr. Norden limits the number of procedures he performs to offer you the time and premium quality you deserve.

Norden Laser Eye offers this informative page to answer common questions our patients have about SMILE. If you are interested in top-quality SMILE surgery, schedule a consultation at Norden Laser Eye in Bergen County today. Let us put a SMILE in your eyes.

What is SMILE?

SMILE is an acronym meaning SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction. The procedure was launched internationally in 2012, and it received US FDA approval in 2016. To date, SMILE has provided laser vision correction to over 800,000 eyes worldwide.

Am I a candidate for SMILE?

SMILE is a refractive procedure for the correction of myopia. Ideal candidates have -1 to -10 of myopia (-1.00 diopters to -10.00 diopters) with a half a diopter of astigmatism or less (< or = -0.50) with a “spherical equivalent” of -10.00 or less. If you wear regular contacts and the prescription on the case is -1.00 up to -9.00, you’re probably a perfect candidate. Patients must be 18 and older.

SMILE–The Procedure


Norden Laser Eye Associates is the first practice in New Jersey to offer SMILE. Come in today and let Norden Laser Eye Associates put a SMILE in your eyes.

During the procedure, Dr. Norden uses the VisuMax laser to create a thin, contact lens shaped layer, which is removed through a tiny opening. After that, your eye is able to see clearly, quickly! The treatment is so comfortable that most people say they feel nothing at all.

From start to finish, the whole procedure takes just minutes, and the laser does its job in about 40 seconds! This means that you will be back to your active life quickly, so you can just relax and get ready to SMILE.

For more information…

Contact Norden Laser Eye for more information about SMILE. Dr. Richard Norden highly recommends SMILE for patients looking to correct myopia. Contact us for a free consultation at 201-444-2442. We look forward to meeting with you!