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Andrew Marchand

Senior Sportswriter ESPN NY
Contributor ESPN NEWS
Former Sportswriter NY POST

Dear Dr. Norden,

Having covered the Mets for a few years, I have witnessed my share of errors. Still, I couldn’t see the biggest “E” of them all. Without my glasses on, the “E” that stands alone the eye chart looked like some sort of Rosarch ink blot test.

Now that I’ve gotten the requisite sports reference out of the way, I’d like to thank you and your staff for my new vision. Your courtesy and thoroughness stood out throughout the short process. Not one question I had went unanswered, which is a much higher success rate than I usually have.

Before my procedure, I was told the most important aspect in picking a doctor is making sure they had numbers, that they had performed LASIK countless times. This advice couldn’t be more accurate.

I would recommend you to anyone who asked, because I am fully satisfied and seeing superbly.

Thank you,
Andrew Marchand