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Cynthia Phelps

Principal Viola
New York Philharmonic

Dear Dr. Norden,

Eighteen months ago, I came to you as a severely myopic middle-aged woman, near-sighted since the age of 10. Tired of contact lenses, constantly red-eyed, not wanting to be caught dead in public with my thick glasses on, I came in for a consultation. I was terrified by the idea of laser surgery, but was soon won over by your gentle manner and obvious expertise in the field. I swallowed hard and submitted completely to your care.

Today, I wake up in the morning still convinced that a miracle has occurred. You, Dr. Norden, have given me the gift of perfect vision. Guiding me through a process that was handled from start to finish with supreme care, confidence, and capability, you made me feel safe and assured of today’s very happy outcome.

Thank you, Dr. Norden, for evoking a change in my life that I will never, ever take for granted. You are a supreme and masterful professional, and I will be eternally grateful to you.

Yours sincerely,
Cynthia Phelps