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Janice L.

Norden Laser Eye

I went from -1500 in my eyes (that was -12.5 in contacts) to perfect 20/15 vision after just one surgery! Seriously, just get your LASIK done with the best: Dr. Norden! But if you need more convincing, read on …

From the first consult to the last, Dr. Norden and his staff were very friendly and amazing. They were on top of everything. I rarely waited too long to see him. My friend even after one consult booked their surgery the same day right after mine! Originally, due to how bad my prescription was, we thought it’d require 2 surgeries but my eyes healed so well and I could see so well afterwards, there was no reason to.

During the surgery, I was a nervous wreck but Dr. Norden and his crew did a great job calming me down. I felt safe in their hands. After the surgery, I had little to no pain. I was actually up and walking around all day. Also, my eyes had none of the red marks so I didn’t look like I had pink eye at all afterwards which made it a lot better. It took a while for me to be able to see text on a computer screen but trust me, the surgery was worth every penny and minute!

Afterwards, I found out multiple colleagues went to Dr. Norden, all my supervisors and bosses were like, “Oh yeah, I heard he’s the best!” Even my malpractice professor was like, “I went to Dr. Norden also! I also took my son to get his LASIK with him. He’s the best one!” … … A malpractice attorney recommends him! THAT should be reason enough.

Oh, and the waiting room has amazing chocolate chip cookies. Seriously. Amazingly fresh and warm and gooey. I wish I had more follow up appointments just to eat those cookies!

Now I don’t need glasses unless I feel like being a hipster and just take the lens out of the frames.

Free yourself of your glasses, NOW!

Thank You,
Janice L.