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Shawn H

Unbelievable! I had my LASIK surgery yesterday and I already see perfectly! Dr. Norden was like a robot during the procedure; he knew exactly what he had to to, and he did it perfectly. I felt completely relaxed and comfortable during the procedure, he explained everything he was doing the whole length of the procedure. He is very nice and answered all of my questions! I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend anybody to go to him for this procedure. (Did I mention I would highly recommend him?)

My old contact lens proscription was -4.75 in both eyes.

The whole reason I wanted this done was because I was tired of spending $600 a year on contacts. Enough was enough. My Father had his LASIK done by Dr. Norden almost 15 years ago so I knew he was very experienced with the procedure. I am very squeamish and was very scared to get the surgery. Believe me if I can do it, you can. The first step is to get the paperwork out of the way, and immediately after that you are brought into the relaxation room to chill out and get a back massage in the high tech chair they have! After twenty or so minutes they bring you into the operating room with the music you had chosen to play of your choice during the procedure; I chose Pink Floyd. It was un-nerving laying down on the table, I was almost shaking I was so scared but once Dr. Norden came in and started doing his thing I was calm, I knew I was in great hands. I didn’t feel a thing. The procedure itself was lightning fast, the only songs that played were Wish You Were Here, and Shine On You Crazy Diamond, so it couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes for both eyes.

When completed, and I sat up for the first time I couldn’t believe how well my vision had improved already! We went into another room to see just how much of an improvement I had made already. I could almost see the 20/20 line already. He then took a final look at my eyes with a machine to make sure the flaps were seated correctly. The last thing they did was placed clear lenses over my eyes to be worn until the following morning.

After I got home I took some of the eye drops I was prescribed, laid down and zonked out for awhile. Overall discomfort was as if you had a pair of dried out contacts in your eyes. My eyes also wouldn’t stop watering! By the time I woke up this morning I could already see better than I ever did before with contacts or glasses.

The procedure was worth every penny. He could have charged me twice as much and it still would have been worth it.

Dr. Norden and his practice is a solid 11/10. I wouldn’t have trusted any other doctor to do it to be honest.

-Shawn H