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Stephen C. Daffron

Chief Executive Officer
Interactive Data Corporation

Dear Dr. Norden,

I wanted to express my gratitude earlier, but the business world had simply been spinning so fast that I had to find a quiet moment before I could say a proper thank you. You have done three Lasik procedures on my eyes. The original one which, if memory serves, was now 15 years ago and gave me 20/15 vision for the first time in my life and let me shed my glasses and contacts forever. That day’s work made a tremendous improvement in my quality of life. Small things like seeing the alarm clock when I open my eyes and of not being worried on the shooting range when a gust of wind whipped off the dust made a huge difference in how I worked and played. Then a few years later, as I began to need reading glasses, you once again stepped in and corrected one of my eyes so I don’t have to fumble around for glasses when I was handed a contract during a negotiation. And this year, as my eyes began to age even more and reading began to be a problem again, you made another adjustment which put me back into top form. Three times I have come to you for help and three times you have done a wonderful job. I cannot thank you enough.