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If you're like most people, you enjoy the
better things in life. You like dining at fine
restaurants, driving a premium automobile or taking exotic vacations. You live life on your own terms. Why would you expect anything less from your eyesight? If you are tired of your vision problems and want to return to those days when you were free from glasses, contact lenses or blurry images, we can help. Join the thousands of other New Jersey LASIK patients, many of them your riends and colleagues, who realize that there's nothing better than seeing the life you're living... more clearly.

Over the past two decades Dr. Norden has established a reputation for excellence in LASIK and other corneal procedures. Trust your eyes to a physician with the finest reputation and the highest patient satisfaction level in the metropolitan area — Richard A. Norden, MD, FACS.

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Dr. Richard Norden trademarked Custom LASIK™, the method of laser eye surgery that provides the most accurate, consistent results possible. If you seek LASIK surgery, you deserve the quality care and Custom LASIK™ technique only found at Norden Laser Eye. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for LASIK eye surgery or other refractive surgery procedures in Ridgewood, Bergen County.

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Say goodbye to stubborn fat, and say hello to the body you once had with our clinically proven, FDA-cleared, totally non-surgical treatment, CoolSculpting. Only CoolSculpting exclusively targets fat cells without affecting the skin, eliminating the fat cells in an easy, non-invasive fashion, with no downtime. Even diet and exercise cannot deliver the same results as quickly or effectively as CoolSculpting can.

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If you suffer from presbyopia, our refractive surgery center in Ridgewood offers advanced treatment options. Norden Laser Eye performs monovision so that you can enjoy life without the burden of reading glasses. If you are over 40, monovision may be the answer to seeing clearly, near and far.

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Kimberly Ann Pressler
Miss USA 1999

Lee Terrell
President, Van Heusen

Patricia Sietz-Homig
Emmy Award-Winning Editor

Tom Barice
Assistant Coach

New Jersey Nets

Norden Laser Eye is the only choice for the highest quality refractive surgery in Bergen County, New Jersey. Located in Ridgewood, Cornea Specialist Dr. Richard Norden has dedicated his practice solely to refractive surgery procedures. A leader in the field of LASIK surgery across the nation, Dr. Norden also limits the number of refractive surgery procedures he performs to give each patient the time and quality care they deserve.

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"The freedom of not having to wear glasses before entering a burning building has been a godsend. Having LASIK has greatly improved my ability to do my job; I should have done this a lot sooner in life."
Keith R. Gonyou
Fire Captain
North Hudson Fire & Rescue

"After LASIK I can see distance, and I can read up close without needing my bifocal glasses! Thank you, Dr. Norden."
Joseph DiStaulo
DiStaulo Construction Inc.

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